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The People We Serve


The YAI Network provides a full range of health and human services to people of all ages with developmental and learning disabilities and their families.

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You may know or love a person with a developmental or intellectual disability, or you many not even know what these disabilities are. Each year, thousands of babies are diagnosed at birth. More children exhibit symptoms during infancy or later. Still others develop a disability as the result of an injury or illness before age 22. The term “developmental disability” covers a broad range of diagnoses that include intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and learning disabilities.

The YAI Network serves people with disabilities and their families from childhood, adolescence and adulthood and through the end of the lifespan. Through each phase, our goal is to provide dignified, caring, professional services that help the people we serve maximize their potential in every area of life, regardless of their age or the nature of their disabilities.