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Corporate Compliance

Contact Information

Roberta Koenigsberg
Chief Compliance Officer

Mary Daly
Manager, Corporate Compliance

Emily Lombardi
Compliance Associate

Sun Lee
Compliance Audit Specialist

Jenna Green
Compliance Specialist

Corporate Compliance Anonymous Hotline
212-273-6100, ext. 2427

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The YAI Network prides itself on our reputation for honesty and integrity. We are proud of the high quality of services we provide to our consumers and their families. As part of the YAI Network’s ongoing commitment to embody and promote the highest ethical standards, we have established a Corporate Compliance Program. This program furthers the YAI Network’s mission of providing the highest quality services to our consumers and their families. It promotes adherence to laws, regulation, and the agency’s internal policies. And it is also designed to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in our delivery of services.

The agency has appointed a Compliance Officer, Roberta Koenigsberg, who is responsible for implementing the program. Roberta can be reached at (212) 273-6290 or by email at

While we encourage and prefer direct communication which will be held in confidence, you may also raise concerns anonymously by calling the Compliance Hotline at (212) 273-6100 ext. 2427.

YAI Network’s exemplary history of integrity and honesty is a product of our joint efforts and we remain committed to this legacy.