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A message from Stephen E. Freeman to the YAI Community

November 1, 2012

Stephen E. Freeman, L.C.S.W. Chief Executive Officer

When a truly life threatening event like this massive storm occurs, each of us thinks first about the safety of our loved ones. Many people have called to inquire about family members and to offer help.

I am proud to tell you that the residential staff has been nothing short of heroic in doing whatever it takes to safeguard the people in their care. During and after the storm, with and without power, the YAI residential staff members – assisted by colleagues from Day Services – are doing their jobs by looking after residents under challenging conditions. It may sound like a cliche, but to see staff members and supervisors stepping up to keep things running, often without rest or relief, reminds us that trying times can bring out the best in us all.

Premier HealthCare and our Center for Specialty Therapy resumed services on Wednesday. Some clinicians provided services off-site at group residences and day programs. Many other YAI colleagues have gone above and beyond: as some in the Central Office maintained essential services, Clinical and Family Services personnel supported families in their homes and our IT department has been extraordinary. I could go on, but let me summarize by saying that YAI people from every part of the organization are working together to manage during a time when less dedicated people might have focused on their personal needs.

Things will slowly get back to normal as power is restored, trains gets moving and the rhythm of daily life resumes.  Until then, our organization is intently focused on keeping each and every person we care for safe and secure.

I want to end with a personal thank you to all the staff and the entire YAI community for the extraordinary support and offers of assistance.

- Stephen E. Freeman, CEO