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On the Job at Broadview Networks

August 15, 2011

Even before a single button is pressed on many modern-day digital office phones, a lot of hard work has already taken place behind the scenes by a dedicated team of individuals at Broadview Networks.


With the radio playing music in the background, the group works diligently with occasional laughter coming from employees and supervisors alike. The team is responsible for labeling, assembling, programming and packaging Broadview phones, getting them ready to ship all over the country.

Broadview Networks, a YAI Network business partner and the agency’s premier sponsor of YAI and Broadview Networks Central Park Challenge, is a leading communications service provider. The company relies on a highly motivated team of six individuals with developmental disabilities at its warehouse in Farmingdale, NY to get thousands of Broadview’s advanced digital phone systems distributed to its business customers nationwide. The Corporate Source, a member agency of the YAI Network, has become a valuable staffing solution for Broadview Networks when it needs to fill positions.


"It’s so integrated, everybody here was very welcoming from the start," said Meghan Blume, a YAI Employment Training Specialist, who provides on-site support to the six-member team. "Everyone had a nickname within the first week!"

"It’s a good environment here," said Howard, who has received services from YAI for the past 35 years. Howard, who works as both a receiving clerk and general warehouse staff member. "It’s fast-paced work and the work is not easy. But once you learn, it’s a piece of cake."

As an Employment Training Specialist, Meghan works with each Corporate Source employee as well as with Broadview employees to support that learning process and ensure that the needs of both employer and employee are being met. It’s a supportive environment that many of the team members credit to their success.

"I love my bosses - they’re very good," said Martin. "They teach me when I make a mistake." 

The abilities of each employee – and the team as a whole – has consistently progressed. "At the beginning, they could prepare maybe 100 to 150 phones a day as a group,” said Joe Eckhoff, Broadview’s longtime Warehouse Inventory Manager. "Now, if they’re doing fewer than 450 in a four-hour shift, it’s a slow day. They just keep building on that fire."


"Individuals with disabilities have been told most of their lives that they can’t compete, but through employment, they can illustrate and demonstrate that they can compete," said Michael Kramer, Senior Director of The Corporate Source. "There’s pride in that."

That pride and diligence is something seen on the job every day. 

For Jordan, he feels most proud at the end of a long work week when he receives his paycheck. "I love getting paid!" he said with a smile.

"I look forward to seeing everyone and talking," added Ann, Jordan’s coworker who values the friendships that she’s made on the job. "We’ve all become friends. I am so happy to have this job!"