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Serving People with Autism and Their Families

For more than 50 years, the YAI Network has been providing comprehensive person-centered services to people with autism spectrum disorders and their families

Our state-of-the-art Autism Center combines our long tradition and expertise of serving people with autism with an early detection and treatment center; family support and life planning services; and a resource library.

Check our blog for frequent updates on services and programs, as well as articles by experts from the YAI Autism Center and other professionals in the field! 

Partnership with Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem

We are proud to partner with the Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem by identifying children for the school's program and connecting other families with valuable resources throughout New York City. Learn about one family's experience here.

Social Skills and Activity Based Groups

Download the flyer about these groups.
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Who Can Enroll: Children and adults who have an autism spectrum disorder
When: After‐School/Evenings
Children’s Groups
Requires New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) eligibility
• For children residing with their families in Brooklyn
Ballet / Yoga
(Ages 5‐10)
Fosters creative movement for children while focusing on improved balance, coordination, and attention.
Social Skills
(Ages 5‐12)
Promotes positive peer relationships amongst children through role playing, recognizing emotions, social stories, and modeling
Young Adult Groups
• Funded by the New York City Council’s Autism Initiative
• For young adults residing throughout New York City
• Manhattan based
(Ages 18-35)
Fosters creative movement for adults while focusing on improved balance, coordination, and attention
Improvisational Theatre
(Ages 16-23)
Develops communication skills and response to social situcation in a fun, spontaneous environment
Assessment Services
• Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS): A semi structured assessment used to evaluate an individual suspected of having autism
►The Autism Center assessment services are fee for service
To get started call
Activity Based Groups
• Music Therapy
• Dancing
• Social Skills
• Ballet/Yoga
• Creative Arts
Where: Groups are run throughout New York City or we can come to your agency/school
When: After‐School and on Saturdays throughout the year
Fee: Tuition charged. Sliding scale fee and some scholarships available
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Do you or your child have: Repetitive behaviors or narrow interests? Difficulty communicating? Trouble making friends or maintaining relationships? Poor organizational skills?

If yes, you or your child may qualify for one of the following studies:

  • Arbaclofen Clinical Trial (ages 5-21): Examines whether arbaclofen improves social withdrawal symptoms associated with autism. For more information please call 212-241-2826
  • Memantine Clinical Trial (6-12) Targets motor skills deficits associated with autism. For more information please call 212-241-3692
  • Social Skills Groups with Imaging (ages 8-11): This study compares two different approaches to social skills treatments in 8-11 year old children with ASDs who demonstrate strong verbal skills. Participation includes a 12-session social skills group, a comprehensive psychological evaluation and neuroimaging (fMRI) scans. Goals include improving relationships with peers and learning coping skills for social situations. Participation involves an fMRI before the group starts and after 12 weeks. Parents will meet at the same time and will not be charged for any of the assessments or study treatments. For more information please call 212 241-2993
  • Adult Imaging Studies (ages 18-45): Adults who qualify will have an fMRI scan and with the option to participate in an oxytocin challenge study to see whether oxytocin improves ability to read emotions in other people. For more information please call 212-241-0961 

Previously recorded Cigna Presentations from their Autism Education Series 

Charles Cartwright, "How Anxiety Affects the Lives of Individuals With Autism and Treatments that Help."
July 2012 -
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Jill Krata, "Fostering Friendships Between Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typically Developing Peers."
June 2012 -
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Michael Boardman, "Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behaviors in the Home"
August 2011 -
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Jill Krata, "Evidence-Based Practice: What Does It Mean?"
August 2011 -
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Moira Lewis, "Developing Early Communication Skills in Toddlers and Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Limited Language."
July 2011
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Charles Cartwright, "A Visual Tour of the Social Brain in Autism."
June 2011 -
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For services in the New York metropolitan area, contact YAI Link Information & Referral:

1-866-2-YAI-LINK, 212-273-6182 or TDD: 212-290-2787.