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Put your management skills to work in the service of individuals with developmental and learning disabilities in a variety of settings.

Assistant Program Supervisors

Assist the program supervisor and work as part of an interdisciplinary team in a residential, family support, employment, or day program. Teach activities of daily living or pre-vocational/vocational skills.

Program Supervisors

Supervision opportunities available in the following programs:

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  • Residential Programs
  • Family Support Programs
  • Employment Programs
  • Day Treatment Programs
  • Clinical Programs

Assistant Program Coordinators

Assist program coordinator, providing administrative oversight to a smaller number of program sites.

Program Coordinators

Develop, implement, and oversee program development; supervise and train program supervisors. Monitor code and regulatory compliance. Ensure budget management and quality assurance. Oversee clinical programming and curriculum development for your programs, and advocate for families and staff. Provide direction and leadership of all operations for several sites in the following areas:

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  • Residential Services
  • Family Support
  • Employment Services
  • Day Services

Program Directors

Administer and develop program. Ensure code and regulatory compliance. Manage budget, staffing, and staff development. Participate in senior management meetings, provide input regarding agency direction and mission enhancement.


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