Throughout history advocacy has transformed the way that people with disabilities are regarded and supported.  

The laws and policies that protect the rights of people with disabilities, and the services that support their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, exist today because individuals, families and others have spoken out and taken action to ensure that all people have equal opportunities to achieve their goals as valued members of society.

The disability system has evolved over time to better serve individuals and families because advocates have voiced their needs, ideas and concerns to influence the development and delivery of services. 

Disability policies, laws and service models continue to change in response to new financial, political and social realities. The need to advocate has never been greater. 

Join us in advocating to sustain the progress we have made as a field, and to continue to protect the rights and the services that are important to all of us. 

Learn about current federal policies that affect people with disabilities and their families and how you can take action from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities. Weekly briefs provide short, straightforward policy summaries and updates on what's happening now. 

Learn how to communicate with government officials to effectively advocate for the policies and programs that are important to you by checking out the American Network of Community Options and Resources' Advocacy Toolkit.

Reach out to your elected officials at the federal, state and local level at any time so they can get to know you and understand why it is important to protect services people you care about. Start by finding your representatives: 

          US Senators and Representatives 

          NJ Senators and Assembly Members  

          NY Senators and Assembly Members 

          New York City Council Members  

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