Business Advisory Council


Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense.

The YAI Network's Business Advisory Council has a mission to sensitize the business community about the benefits of hiring dedicated, well-trained people with developmental disabilities. Our members represent more than 75 Fortune 500 Companies and other businesses that share the belief that jobs help people with disabilities become independent, productive members of their communities. Join KPMG, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Gap Inc., Pfizer, Avon and many other companies in creating a more diverse workforce, in addition to enhancing corporate social responsibility, sustainability, employee morale and loyalty.

Time and again, businesses report that graduates of YAI employment training programs are among their most loyal, reliable employees. While supporting YAI's mission to provide steady, secure jobs for employment program graduates is the primary goal of the BAC, our members contribute in a multitude of ways, including:

The Business Advisory Council meets four times per year in Manhattan. To learn more about getting involved, please contact Michael Kramer, Senior Director, at 212-273-6135.