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Dr. Charles Cartwright on CBS' "Eye on New York"

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is at an all-time high,  partly as the result of improved understanding and identification of symptoms. Indeed, one child in 150 is now diagnosed with an ASD. Currently, there is an acute shortage of high-quality, comprehensive services and programs for people with autism. Children and adults with an ASD need intensive, educational, therapeutic and rehabilitative services, which are extremely costly and not fully supported by government funds. Children who are aging out of our early childhood system, the New York League for Early Learning, have no place to go as the New York City Public Schools are not equipped to work with them. This is an increasing problem.


As leaders in the field of developmental disabilities for the past 50 years, YAI Network has demonstrated that people with ASDs flourish with services that target their specific needs. The YAI Autism Center, directed by Dr. Charles Cartwright, serves as a portal to provide access to a complete array of highly-specialized, top-quality diagnostic services, treatment and care for infants, children and adults with ASD sand their families that will span the life cycle. It integrates research, education and treatment. The YAI Autism Center offers the finest in:

  •  Evaluations 
  •  Early intervention 
  •  Early childhood education 
  •  Family support services 
  •  Specialized medical and psychiatric services 
  •  Recreation, camping, and travel 
  •  Employment training 
  •  Residential services 
  •  Advocacy 
  •  Consultation and life planning 
  •  Information and referrals 
  •  Training and education for professionals and family caregivers

For information about services for people of all ages with autism spectrum disorders, please call YAI LINK at 1-866-2-YAI-LINK, TDD: 212-290-2787. Contact the YAI Autism Center at 1-888-YAI-Autism.