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►Autism Center

►Comprehensive autism diagnostic assessments

►Social skills and activity based groups

►Medication consultation and management

►Clinical and behavioral consultation and intervention including Applied Behavior Analysis ABA

Other Autism-specific services at YAI include

  • Autism Family Support Groups - open to all regions
  • Socialization Groups for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum - M, Bk, LI
  • Ballet/Yoga Groups for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum - Bk
  • Good Vibrations Plus - RCALD
    A social skills program for children, ages 4-10 with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Family support funded service coordination for individuals on the autism spectrum - LI

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder can access additional supports and services through the YAI network.

To get started with eligibility and accessing services contact YAI LINK at 212.273.6182