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Staying Healthy



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Finding quality health care can be difficult for all of us. For people with developmental disabilities and their families, the experience can be even more daunting. The YAI Network offers a full-range of primary and specialty health care services, as well as comprehensive therapeutic services to help people of all ages feel their best, physically and mentally.

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Premier HealthCare offers comprehensive, coordinated, specialty medical and dental services with an essential extra: the sensitivity to address unique needs. In seven locations throughout New York City, people with disabilities and their families can receive all of their medical care — under one roof.

The Center for Specialty Therapy provides evaluations and therapeutic services on-site and in group homes. Caring and professional physical, occupational, speech and psychological therapists help people of all ages achieve their highest level of independence.

Doctor and patient

To learn more about health care and clinical services at the YAI Network, please contact YAI LINK, our information and referral service, at 212.273.6182. Our information and referral specialists will happily assist you!