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Strategic Planning at YAI

In 2017, YAI celebrated its 60th anniversary. What began as a very small, not-for-profit serving seven people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), has grown into one of the largest I/DD providers in New York State, annually supporting more than 20,000 children and adults and their families. Today, in New York State, New Jersey, and California, we operate hundreds of programs that cover the lifespan including residential, day, and employment services; medical and clinic services; respite; crisis intervention; summer camps; travel; and recreational opportunities; and free information and referral services available to all.

Throughout our history, the I/DD field has evolved significantly. Agencies like YAI must learn to do more with less, so it is incumbent upon YAI to prepare proactively, positioning itself to pursue innovation and engagement across all fronts and with all stakeholders.

In 2017, the Board of Trustees and I felt strongly that it was an ideal time for YAI to embark on a formal strategic planning process. We wanted to create a thoughtful and well-conceived playbook to ensure YAI’s sustainability, growth, and success in the years ahead.

Developing an effective strategic plan required discipline, foresight, introspection, and candor. Ours was the result of a year’s worth of work and reflection from the Senior Leadership Team, our Board of Trustees, and me. I was proud of our final product, an authoritative yet user-friendly roadmap that accounts for the possibility of real-time detours rather than a static tome that upon completion collects dust on a shelf.

Our first Strategic Plan sunset during the challenging months of COVID-19. I am nevertheless proud of what we accomplished, our position within the I/DD field, our relationships with our partners and stakeholders, and our standing within the communities we support. You can read about YAI’s progress over the 2018-2020 period and join me in anticipation of YAI’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2024, which is being developed now.

Make no mistake; YAI’s commitment to strategic planning is our promise that, no matter what, we will continue to provide opportunities of the highest caliber that are built around the universal tenets of living, loving, working, and learning.

Yours truly,

George Contos
Chief Executive Officer 


2018-2020 Strategic Plan Accomplishments - Download
2018-2020 Strategic Plan Summary - Innovating and Engaging for Tomorrow - Download
2018-2020 Strategic Plan - Innovating and Engaging for Tomorrow - Download