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Strategic Planning at YAI

As part of our commitment to thousands of children and adults with disabilities, YAI must guarantee that its services will endure. In a field as dynamic as ours, provider agencies must respond to the day-to-day demands of program quality, a difficult labor market, and an unsteady funding landscape while keeping their eyes on the far horizon. For YAI, which has grown considerably over the past five years, these are essentially two sides of the same coin. Our ability to enter new areas of service delivery and bring support to people in need outside of New York State requires careful administration of our existing portfolio and rigorous attention to detail.  

We achieve these ambitious ends through strategic planning. Working to create a thoughtful and well-conceived playbook allows YAI to anticipate services for future generations while maintaining and improving programs that serve our community today. We began strategic planning in 2017, when the Board of Trustees and I felt that it was time to embark on a formal process to ensure YAI’s sustainability, growth, and success in the years ahead. Developing an effective strategic plan required discipline, foresight, introspection, and candor. After a year’s worth of work and reflection alongside the Senior Leadership Team and our Board of Trustees, I was enthusiastic about our final product: an authoritative roadmap that accounted for the possibility of real-time detours as YAI evolves for a new service climate. 

Our first Strategic Plan carried us through the challenges of COVID-19. I am proud of all that we accomplished, including the leadership position we attained within the I/DD field, the relationships we cultivated with elected officials, funders, and families, and the best-in-class reputation we earned within the communities we support. As part of the plan, YAI met an ambitious goal to reduce reliance on Medicaid dollars from New York State’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. By diversifying funding sources and expanding into other states, YAI will withstand fluctuations in government support and meet the substantial challenges anticipated in the years ahead. 

A new strategic plan will be the result of a collaboration between the Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, our affiliates, and experts from the breadth of I/DD services across the country. As in the past, the plan will build on prior success to steel YAI for the future. Make no mistake; YAI’s commitment to strategic planning is our promise that, no matter what, we will continue to provide support of the highest caliber that is built around the universal tenets of living, loving, working, and learning. 

Yours truly,

George Contos
Chief Executive Officer 


2018-2020 Strategic Plan Accomplishments - Download
2018-2020 Strategic Plan Summary - Innovating and Engaging for Tomorrow - Download
2018-2020 Strategic Plan - Innovating and Engaging for Tomorrow - Download