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HAI @YAI: Removing barriers and inspiring healing, growth, and learning through engagement with the arts and culture.

Since 1969 HAI (Healing Arts Initiative) made the arts accessible for millions of New Yorkers who are isolated and marginalized due to institutionalization, hospitalization, disability and illness, senior citizens, including those who are elderly and frail, as well as at-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods. Now, YAI is working to continue and build upon the programs run by HAI through a new venture, HAI @YAI. 

HAI @YAI offers an array of arts, education and access programs including:

The Summer Program

The Summer Program provides opportunities for frail, elderly and disabled New Yorkers to enjoy events in the city’s parks including performances such as Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Park, The New York Philharmonic concerts in each borough, and other events that take place between mid-May and August.

For more info contact Ulli Fenninger at 212.273.6181 or by email ulli.fennninger [at] yai.org

Live Performances

HAI @YAI offers customized live performances that reflect the unique cultural needs and interests of audiences at health, social service and educational agencies. Our professional performing artists, along with HAI’s 45 years of experience scheduling live performances, will provide your agency with a unique event unlike any other. 

Book your live performance with Quimetta Perle at 212.273.6184 or quimetta.perle [at] yai.org

Arts Workshops

HAI @YAI provides a wide range of participatory arts workshops at health, social service and educational agencies throughout NYC and beyond. Professionally trained artists facilitate tailored, interactive and impactful workshop series in the areas of visual arts, music, dance and movement, theater, jewelry making, puppetry and more.

Schedule your arts workshop series with Quimetta Perle at 212.273.6184 or quimetta.perle [at] yai.org

Group Ticket Sales

HAI @YAI, a licensed group ticket sales service, specializes in arranging tickets to arts and cultural events including Broadway, Off-Broadway, performing arts, sporting events, exhibitions, zoos, aquariums, film and specialty productions. Our ticket agents provide recommendations, playbills, study guides for upcoming events and arrange for convenient ticket pick-up or delivery to meet your needs. Special offers and discounts as well as pre- and post-workshops to enhance your group's event experience also available.

Get your tickets now by contacting Ulli Fenninger at 212.273.6181 or ulli.fenninger [at] yai.org

Transportation Services

HAI @YAI facilitates accessible transportation for groups to attend arts and cultural events throughout the NYC area. When booking your next group event turn to HAI@YAI to meet your transportation needs. Consider adding live music or a trained tour guide during your trip to enhance the transportation experience!

Book your transportation services with Ulli Fenninger at 212.273.6181 or ulli.fenninger [at] yai.org


HAI @YAI Describe! offers live audio description of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, creating an accessible theater experience for people who are blind or partially sighted. Describe! participants use audio receivers to hear detailed descriptions of the scenery, costumes and show narration provided by trained describers.

Learn more about our Describe! services by contacting Ulli Fenninger at 212.273.6181 or ulli.fenninger [at] yai.org

Professional Development

HAI @YAI offers customized professional development training by using role play and theatre techniques to tackle difficult and sensitive topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, violence and conflict resolution. Role-play with theater techniques and activities stimulate dialogue, address pertinent professional challenges in the workplace, and provide opportunities to rehearse skills to optimize communication and create community.  

Schedule your professional development training today with Rhonda McLean-Nur at 212.273.6186  or rhonda.mclean-nur [at] yai.org

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