Making a Dream Come True

Tue, July 05, 2016
It didn't take long for Jennifer Segreti, Assistant Supervisor at YAI's Woodycrest IRA, to realize she had to make this happen.

Mary Lou Odell, a person Jennifer supports at the home, is a huge fan of The Monkees, a rock'n'roll band from the 1960s who also had their own television sitcom. 

So when Jennifer learned The Monkees were performing in New York City last month as part of the group's 50th anniversary tour, she mentioned it to Jennifer. "Can we really go?" Jennifer recalled Mary Lou asking. "I've always wanted to see them since I was a little girl."

"Mary Lou is happy staying at home," Jennifer said. "So it was really unusual for her to want to do something like this."

"Seeing the Monkees was my life's dream," Mary Lou said. "I had to be there."
Throughout the show, Mary Lou sang along to every song, including hits like "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone," "Daydream Believer" and "Last Train to Clarksville."
Mary Lou left the show happy and armed with souvenirs.

"It's not often we can do something like this," Jennifer said. "I'm glad I got to share it with her."