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Alek Hoyos

Chief of Staff & Information Technology

Alek Hoyos joined YAI as the Chief of Staff in January 2020. As Chief of Staff, his core duties revolve around the strategies defined by the CEO and as liaison to the YAI’s C-Suite in assessing and updating key performance indicators. In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, he launched a response team that included a taskforce to lead a coordinated agency-wide effort to protect employees and people with I/DD. He played an integral part in developing a virtual safety toolkit for resources on the agency’s safety and security mission. He has been tasked with mobilizing and aligning YAI’s information technology division with the agency’s business needs. Prior to joining YAI, he was the Senior Director of Operations and Global Corporate Development with Catalonia Trade and Investment, Inc. Alek earned his doctorate in International Finance from New York University.