Kristina Figueroa

Kristina Figueroa, Physical Therapist, DPT

Physical Therapist, DPT

Kristina Figueroa is a Physical Therapist at MSA’s Upper School. She has always wanted to work with children and feels lucky to love what she does! Kristina has been a practicing PT in Manhattan since 2013, receiving her Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University and Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Columbia University.  Prior to MSA, Kristina worked at the Gramercy preschool and a specialized school for children with traumatic brain injuries. She is passionate about pediatric PT, but also health promotion! She encourages her students to be physically active outside of school as a way to carry over what they are working on in PT, while integrating community involvement. She is thrilled to be part of team MSA, and to help our students get stronger and safer, while having fun along the way!