Steps to Become a YAI Volunteer

Because YAI supports a protected population we want to be sure that we have gotten to know you and complied with Justice Department and OPWDD requirements and background checks. Becoming a Volunteer is an important responsibility and the process may take up to a month or more to complete.

STEP ONE: Complete and submit the application (application will be opening in the new year 2020).

STEP TWO: Someone from the Volunteer department will review your application and call you to get more information.

STEP THREE: Attend a Volunteer Interview so we may learn more about you and answer your questions. At this time, you will be asked to register for trainings, fill out paperwork for fingerprinting, and background checks, etc.

STEP FOUR: Attend required YAI trainings. 

STEP FIVE: Once trainings and all background checks and clearances are complete, you will be matched with a YAI site and supervisor. You will meet with your supervisor and if it’s a match for you both, you will set up hours and a start date.

STEP SIX: After you begin, the volunteer office will check in with you and your supervisor to see how it’s going. We want this to be the right opportunity for you, your supervisor, and the people we serve. If it is not the right match we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Discover more about the wide range of services that YAI provides to support people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) as they live, love, work, and learn in their communities.