Queens Adult Recreation Services

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Leisure Action & Adult Weekend Respite:

The program offers recreational programs for adults with a high level of independence who live in and around New York City. The goal of the program is to provide intellectually and culturally stimulating social and educational opportunities that encourage meeting new people, making friends, and developing life-long social skills with minimal staff support.

Saturday Recreation: 

Queens recreation is offered to people 16 years and older. There is a morning, afternoon and evening group with an array of community activities and socialization opportunities offered. Members are paired with the group that best matches their needs and interests.

Friday Night Dance: 

Two Fridays per month, members are provided with an opportunity to listen to music, socialize and enjoy good food. 

OPWDD eligibility and residing at home with family are required to enroll in this service.


Transportation provided?:


For more information about applying for Queens Adult Recreation Services, please call YAI LINK at 212.273.6182