Travel Training

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The YAI Network has been awarded a grant from the Department of Transportation to provide a comprehensive Travel Training program to agencies across New York City.  This program has four components: 

  • Mobility management training for people with I/DD  
  • Training for staff from I/DD agencies on the travel training process 
  • Complete person-centered mobility management assessments for people with I/DD 
  • Travel training information sessions for families and caregivers 

If you are interested, we may be able to have a staff person from this program come and do a 20-30 minute presentation on travel training for your families.  

This is a funded program so YAI is able to offer this training to other I/DD agencies FREE OF CHARGE.

Please visit the Travel training site for more information




For more information about applying for Travel Training, please call YAI LINK at 212.273.6182