Fri, March 29, 2013
The Assembly was chugging along with its debate of nine budget bills until it took up the Aid to Localities bill, which contains a $90 million cut in state funding for services to the developmentally disabled . Lawmakers from both parties railed against the cuts, which members of both the Assembly and Senate attempted to plug in their one-house budget resolutions. Cuomo inserted $120 million in cuts to disabled care programs in budget amendments in response to federal allegations that New York...
Mon, October 24, 2011
by Philip Hay What is the most mystifying day of the year for people on the spectrum? It may just be Halloween. Think about it: masks, costumes, face paint? Ringing doorbells and asking for candy? Strangers ringing your doorbell and asking for candy? Wandering around at night? Carving pumpkins? Halloween is supposed to be scary, but for many people on the spectrum, it's the sudden change in rules and weird clothing that is freaky, rather than the sudden preponderance of witches and zombies...


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