DSP week 2018

Latoya Harrison
Fri, September 14, 2018
Latoya Harrison began working at the Garfield II Residence in March 2016, where she was hired as an AM DSP, supporting people with many medical conditions. Latoya quickly mastered the medical systems and was a strong advocate for the people she supported. The people who live at Garfield II require hands-on assistance with activities of daily living. They use walkers and wheelchairs and Hoyer lifts to be transferred. Garfield II was the first NIPD home supporting people in a barrier-free setting...
Anette Watt
Wed, September 12, 2018
Anette Watt started at YAI in February 2004 at the Wagner residence as a full time overnight asleep counselor. In her 13-plus years she has never called out sick, never missed a shift for any reason, and only takes one week of vacation every year. She makes it in the snow, sleet, rain, and even hurricanes. Not only does she never miss a shift, she is never late. Not only does Anette work full time overnight, she is also Wagner’s “go to” person whenever they are short staffed. She works AM, PM,...
Justine Ortiz
Mon, September 10, 2018
Justine Ortiz has been a dedicated employee at YAI for five years. During this time, she has shown tremendous growth, professionally and personally. She started her employment as a DSP in a Day Hab program in Manhattan. A fierce advocate, Justine is always looking out for the people she supports and loves the community inclusion aspect of her job. She is constantly on the go, securing volunteer sites in the community for not only her group but others as well. Justine moved to a smaller Day Hab...
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