Amelia at her wheelchair, she is looking at the screen of the communication device she is using talk suite on
Thu, April 29, 2021
Student body president, author, advice columnist–Amelia Sellman is an all-around superstar at iHOPE, YAI’s affiliate school for students ages 5-21 with traumatic brain injuries who cannot be served in their local school systems. The 19-year-old, who doesn’t use words to communicate, is one of 80 iHOPE students, all of whom use some form of assisted communication technology. Recently, Sellman has even started to use her Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device to advocate for herself in ways no one had previously imagined possible.
Jackson holds a basketball while using the Trexo gait trainer
Thu, January 28, 2021
For students at the International Academy of Hope (iHOPE), YAI’s school for children with brain injuries, working to increase their independence is an essential part of the curriculum. When iHOPE staff saw one of their students taking steps with the help of a cutting-edge mobility device, they wondered how many of the other students could also benefit from it.
Tiffany (socially distant) sits at a desk in her office, she is wearing a mask
Mon, December 28, 2020
The International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) has had a clear and unique vision ever since it was founded in 2013. With a remit to educate young people with traumatic brain injuries and other brain-based disorders, iHOPE offers one of the nation's only curricula designed to optimize the latest expertise in educating people with brain injuries.
child sitting at a desk looking at a laptop
Thu, August 27, 2020
Not even the pandemic can stop the back-to-school spirit from energizing YAI’s two affiliate schools. Though online learning took parents and students by surprise in March, a summer of preparation has brought focus to virtual learning platforms at the International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) and Manhattan Star Academy (MSA).
Man stands with arms in air in front of a smartboard and children and staff in classroom
Fri, March 27, 2020
When Jerry Robinson first found a supported employment opportunity at YAI affiliate school iHOPE almost six years ago, he had no idea what to expect. It was Robison’s first time working with students with traumatic brain injuries. “When I first came to iHOPE it was kind of challenging because I’ve never worked at a place like this before,” Robinson said. “I had to get used to it. But I got the hang of it.”
Front page of the Spring 2019 Self Advocate Newsletter
Wed, July 24, 2019
This quarter's highlights include: Tony Award Winner with a Disability | YAI's Central Park Challenge | Terry's Graduation | YAI Latino Conference for People with Disabilities and more...
iHOPE student before the school’s cosmic-themed prom.
Tue, June 25, 2019
On June 20, YAI Network’s International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) hosted its fifth annual prom. The event, which was open to all iHOPE students over age 12, gave
MSA teacher leads a class counting activity
Thu, May 30, 2019
By the start of the 2019-20 school year, YAI’s affiliate schools, Manhattan Star Academy (MSA) and the International Academy of Hope (iHOPE), will have...
Front page of the Spring 2019 Self Advocate Newsletter
Fri, April 26, 2019
This quarter's highlights include: YAI Artists Showcase Their Work | I Have a Disability, But I am Learning to Cook for Myself | Interview with Jessica Presedo, from Food Bank For New York City | My Trip to Albany | and more...


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