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Tue, October 29, 2019
From the moment they were born 33 years ago, fraternal twins Andy and Michael Platt have been inseparable. For years, the brothers shared a room in their father’s house in Suffolk County, Long Island, and attended YAI’s WAVE day program.
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Tue, October 29, 2019
On October 27, Newsday honored YAI’s Long Island region with a Top Workplaces 2019 award. Long Island, where more than 500 of YAI’s 4,000 staff are employed, offers a full range of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) including housing, socialization programs, and vocational training.
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Mon, June 03, 2019
As Emily Heiss approached the U-shaped brick home, her heart raced. It was her first day on the job as a Direct Service Professional (DSP) at YAI’s Old South Path residence
fire truck parked outside the sprucewood residence
Mon, May 13, 2019
Thanks to quick thinking and seamless coordination among YAI’s Long Island staff, residents at YAI’s Sprucewood location are settling back into their routines after an electrical fire destroyed part of their home on March 25. The bright spring day turned ominous when smoke alarms sounded throughout the rooms at Sprucewood. Although there was no immediate sign of fire, the home’s staff leapt into action to make sure everyone was safely evacuated.
Miniature wooden house with yellow background
Fri, March 15, 2019
This summer, YAI is proud to be opening a new residence for six people in Central Islip, Long Island. There is an ongoing demand for accessible housing and this new residence will help increase our capacity to meet these needs.
Photograph of people sitting at computers while a woman stands in front of them by a large screen
Fri, May 04, 2018
Starting in March, the YAI Westbury Long Island Employment Services program has been partnering with the Microsoft Store at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City to participate in private courses to introduce the people we support to technology to enrich their personal and professional lives. Through this initiative, YAI has been able to collaborate with the Microsoft Community Educators in selecting and tailoring Microsoft's curriculum for people with I/DD. Examples of courses that YAI...
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