Power to the Parents: Couple with I/DD Defies the Odds
Tue, February 25, 2020
To help people with I/DD retain their parental rights—and upend a disturbing trend--YAI launched the Parents with Special Needs (PWSN) program. Since 1995, PWSN has empowered parents through one-to-one instruction and community-based support and skills groups.
Tue, February 28, 2012
WASHINGTON -- Early diagnosis is considered key for autism, but minority children tend to be diagnosed later than white children . Some new work is beginning to try to uncover why – and to raise awareness of the warning signs so more parents know they can seek help even for a toddler. "The biggest thing I want parents to know is we can do something about it to help your child," says Dr. Rebecca Landa, autism director at Baltimore's Kennedy Krieger Institute, who is exploring the barriers that...
Thu, August 16, 2012
By Marie Myung-Ok Lee Marie Myung-Ok Lee is a novelist who teaches at Columbia University and writes for Slate, Salon, The New York Times and The Guardian. Because of her child's disabilities, the author will never have a tidy, peaceful life. But none of this keeps her from being happy -- as long as she asks herself the right questions. Here is her story, which originally appeared in The Atlantic , which gave YAI kind permission to share it on our website . What does "Having it All" mean to you...
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