YAI’s Connie Senior meets with attendees during her training session in Seoul, South Korea.
Thu, December 19, 2019
The week before Thanksgiving, Connie Senior, YAI’s Assistant Coordinator of Sex Education, traveled to South Korea to help families, researchers, and direct support staff learn how to best support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) as they navigate their sexuality.
L-R: George Contos, Delia Tucker, Rocio Ruiz, Kat Pheysey, Consuelo Senior and Ravi Dahiya
Tue, November 13, 2018
YAI has over 60 years of experience and expertise in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) locally, throughout Downstate New York and Northern New Jersey. Our outstanding training program is renowned on a national level. However, YAI is taking bigger, and further, steps toward expanding its international reputation. Over the past few weeks, YAI has sent in-house experts to both Chile and South Korea to share their diverse knowledge on I/DD issues. We are also...
You Tube screenshot of two woman sitting to present
Mon, May 21, 2018
Consuelo Senior, YAI’s Assistant Coordinator of Sex Education and Clinical Curricula, recently presented on Puberty, Sexuality, and Behavior: How to Guide Young People with Disabilities. Co-presented with INCLUDEnyc’s Kaitlin Roh, the hour-long live stream covered everything from setting manageable goals, to building up your child’s self esteem, and much more.
Headshot of Consuelo Senior, Assistant Coordinator of Sex Education
Tue, March 27, 2018
Sexuality refers to the total expression of who you are as a human being. Our sexuality begins in the womb and ends at death. (Freud, 1986) Everyone is a sexual being, babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly. Sexuality is therefore experienced throughout the developmental lifespan. So why is social-sexual education for people on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities (DD), still taboo? The American Academy of Pediatrics states, “Sexual development is a...
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