Large group of Glen Cove residents at Disney
Thu, January 03, 2019
Going to Disney has been one dream that has consistently been brought up over the years by residents at YAI’s Glen Cove residence. As a team that is constantly looking for ways to spread the person-centered mindset within the program, it seemed obvious that when one of the Glen Cove family members generously made a donation to fund a vacation, Disney was the obvious choice. There were significant hesitations given the lack of experience with airplanes among the people we support. When the idea...
Photograph of Kathy T
Thu, April 12, 2018
Kathy T., who resides at Glenwood, has always expressed her desire to travel and one day be able to go on a cruise with her family. Using person center thinking tools, staff members met with Kathy to walk through the process of obtaining a passport. Staff reviewed all the steps with Kathy, which included the passport application, getting a money order for payment, documentation to establish identity, and getting passport photos. Once Kathy understood everything, she and her support staff...
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