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Established in 1957, YAI is a network of seven agencies offering children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a comprehensive range of services. YAI's mission is to help others achieve the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities for living, loving, working and learning. YAI is a major provider of services and programs for people with disabilities and their families throughout the New York metropolitan area, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Seeing beyond disability’ is not just a tag line but a symbol and substance of YAI’s ongoing transformation to meet the challenges of a changing world. YAI’s goal is a world that values diversity over conformity and provides effective support for those who need it. Members of the YAI network are:

Listing of YAI Network Agencies

YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities

Premier HealthCare

The Corporate Source

The Manhattan STAR Academy

Rockland County Association for Learning Disabilities

National Institute for People with Disabilities of New Jersey

International Institute for People with Disabilities of Puerto Rico


YAI Autism Center

YAI Center for Specialty Therapy

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