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Unleash the power of clear communication for everyone!

Our service empowers you to create information that resonates with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We go beyond adapting text to be better understood, offering expert training for your team, accessible design guidance, and rigorous usability testing to ensure every message truly connects. With our support, you can bridge communication gaps, build trust, and connect with every audience, no matter their abilities.


Partnering for Easy Read: YAI's collaborations

Disability Data Reports

Making knowledge accessible

YAI created Easy Read summaries of Fordham University's disability data reports (2021-2023).

Disability data

United Nations

Breaking down barriers

YAI translated the disability conference agenda into Easy Read for the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs for two years (2022-2023), reaching wider audiences.

Easy Read Program of COSP16

Innovation & Technology

Clear communication, global impact

YAI empowered the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations to share their round table discussion on disability rights with a wider audience by creating an Easy Read version of the round table discussion for innovation and technology.

Innovation and technology