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Working together for a shared goal


Demand NYS fully fund I/DD services

Send a letter to State representatives and Governor Kathy Hochul, reminding them that their constituents need these demands met in the budget. Your letter will make a difference - it is so important for politicians to hear from you when they make decisions about laws that affect you, especially the state budget.

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About Advocacy at YAI

As one of the largest I/DD service providers in New York State, YAI encompasses a large community we need to engage. A substantial percentage of I/DD-related funding comes from the government. Therefore, it is crucial to work together to make our needs known.

YAI’s advocacy efforts pull together the people we support, their families, staff, and other stakeholders, and provide the tools to enact change. We work closely with YAI self advocates to lead us in advocating for people with I/DD, while ensuring the needs of our workforce are escalated to government.

We need your help. When our community bands together and speaks as one, we cannot be ignored. Here you'll find here opportunities to join rallies, participate in actions, make phone calls, or easily send emails.

Help support YAI and the I/DD community by supporting the action below — these actions will change, so check in often!

YAI Self Advocates

The most powerful advocates are passionate people who understand an issue from personal experience. YAI's Self Advocates dedicate their time to helping the community at-large understand disabilities and disability support from a human angle.

Learn more about YAI Self Advocates

The Family Advisory Council (FAC)

FAC mission is to enhance communication between families and all YAI network agencies, enabling families to make recommendations while also assisting YAI with family-led initiatives.

Learn more about the FAC


YAI is a proud member of the following advocacy organizations: ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources), IAC (InterAgency Council-NYC), and CDSA (California Disability Services Association).

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Reach out to learn more about our advocacy efforts.

Advocacy resources beyond YAI