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Established in 2015, YAI’s Family Advisory Council (FAC) was created out of families’ desire to support and strengthen YAI through family engagement and regular input. Because parents, siblings, and other caregivers have important perspectives to share, the mission of the FAC is to enhance communication between families and all YAI network agencies. This enables families to make recommendations while also assisting YAI with family-led initiatives.

Other goals of the FAC include:

Disseminating what is happening at YAI—innovations, new developments, successes, and other types of changes—to the broader community of YAI families.

Encouraging all families to become involved and stay informed on what’s going on throughout the YAI Network.

Creating opportunities for families from across the YAI Network to interact.

The FAC is always looking for new ways to support YAI through family advocacy.

Accomplishments include:

  • Holding regional informational meeting for families with YAI updates and information about changes in the I/DD field
  • Volunteering at Staff Recognition Day celebrations
  • Promoting the use of Amazon Smile to benefit YAI
  • Sharing important advocacy alerts with YAI families

The FAC includes families from all regions and is open to families from residential, day services, employment services, or any other programs. Meetings are held at YAI Headquarters every six to eight weeks.

For more information, or to join the FAC, contact

Family advocacy resources