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Building a network of allies on the job

Few things generate a sense of independence and social integration like paid work. YAI helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities thrive in an increasingly competitive job market. People in YAI’s supported employment program remain on the job for an average close to eight years, filling roles in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and office services. With skills-building activities that range from volunteer activities to pre-vocational training to on-the-job coaching, Supported Employment helps build careers. YAI’s employment program also conducts trainings that encourage employers to hire job-seekers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

YAI Services

YAI has a broad range of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). From residential, day programs, and schools, to kitchen skills, crisis services, and independent living supports for people in the community.

Man behind the counter at a Starbucks store, he wears a flat cap and is smiling as he works