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Fostering connections and building life skills

Socializing, building lasting relationships, and working toward greater independence are at the core of YAI’s Community & Socialization programs. Recreation, camp, and travel programs empower participants to connect while engaging in a range of activities. YAI's skills-building programs support children and adults to create a foundation for more independent living.

Social Skills

Life is social, from making friends to navigating relationships in the workplace. Whether it’s going bowling or learning to network or date, YAI supports participants in fostering connections with others.

Recreation, Camp & Travel

How can you take a break, go somewhere new, and meet new friends? YAI provides a variety of recreation opportunities including day trips, overseas travel, and Mainstreaming at Camp, YAI’s signature summertime experience.

Skills Training

Learning new skills is essential to fostering greater independence. YAI offers a range of different skills-building opportunities in both one-to-one and group settings. Work on kitchen skills, banking, navigating public transportation, or other areas to strengthen daily decision-making.

YAI Services

YAI has a broad range of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). From residential, day programs, and schools, to kitchen skills, crisis services, and independent living supports for people in the community.

Large group of people supported by YAI and staff standing and kneel in front of a very colorful sun with multicolor rays for a group photo


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