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We don't just stand behind our workers.

We’re at their side every step of the way.

Prioritize neurodiversity while finding the right employees to meet your organization’s needs.

People in YAI’s employment program are ready to work. They often prove themselves to be the most dedicated, reliable members of the team. And when you hire someone with a disability, not only are you showing your commitment to diversity, but you get comprehensive support from YAI’s employment specialists who transition qualified employees into your best brand ambassadors.

Participants in YAI’s Supported Employment program receive pre-employment services to help develop their skills and determine their career interests. Once a program participant gets hired, YAI provides regular, ongoing support to enhance job retention. The average job retention for someone in our program is 7.9 years.

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Other reasons why hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will benefit your organization:
  • Ongoing job coaching support for people in YAI’s Supported Employment program

  • Access to YAI’s customized trainings to support your organization’s diversity initiatives

  • Tax incentives

  • Improved corporate social responsibility and positive media opportunities