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Finding a safe and welcoming place to call home

Driven by the need to move away from massive institutions for people with disabilities, YAI pioneered small-scale supportive housing in the 1950s. What began as an experiment for seven young adults in Brooklyn has become a core part of YAI’s portfolio. Today, YAI provides numerous residential options, including houses and supportive apartments that are integrated into the surrounding community. Across New York City, on Long Island, in Westchester and Rockland, in New Jersey, and in California, YAI homes are warm and secure places where people gain comfort with familiar routines of housekeeping, meal preparation, and group activities. Staffed by direct support professionals, behavioral interventionists, and nurses, YAI’s residences also link people to medical and dental care, psychological services, and day programs.

YAI Services

YAI has a broad range of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). From residential, day programs, and schools, to kitchen skills, crisis services, and independent living supports for people in the community.

Large group of people supported by YAI and staff standing and kneel in front of a very colorful sun with multicolor rays for a group photo


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