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Our Commitment 

YAI believes that every person has the right to live, love, work, and learn.

We have made a commitment to ensure that access to these rights, equity, and inclusion are embedded in our values through policy and practice. We seek to uphold our civic and social responsibility to each other by identifying and addressing disparities through equitable change. We all deserve equality and together we can bridge the gaps of inequity.

  • Through equity, we help staff and the people we support access what they need to get to a place where equality is possible.

  • Through inclusion, we enable everyone to feel welcome and lend their voice in the development of new opportunities.


In the words of the people we support

We can accomplish anything with some patience, understanding, and support. 


Our Diversity Fosters Our Growth 

We know through experience that different ideas, views, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative environment at YAI. We seek to continue developing forward-thinking and open-minded initiatives together to foster an organization that embraces and accepts otherness and diversity.

Access is part of our continuous efforts to maintain equity throughout our organization.


  • Aids and Resources

  • Education

  • Opportunities

  • Career Growth

Our Responsibility

Building a supportive and compassionate workplace that exudes a sense of belonging falls not on any one person, but on each of us. We urge you to hold us accountable in the measures we take to honor our diverse world and shared mission.


Our View for Our Future

YAI strives to acknowledge the past, honor and respect the diverse differences that make us unique in the present, and grow from our ability to see beyond old beliefs to what we are capable of together in the future. In the words of the people we support "We can accomplish anything with some patience, understanding, and support."



We will continue to learn and improve the work we do with DEI efforts. We welcome your feedback. Suggestions and feedback will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Please contact us at:



The Process

The YAI equity statement was a full agency-wide effort, headed by our Diversity and Inclusion Coalition for Equity (DICE) group. This statement took nearly 6 months to script. The creation of this statement included feedback from every level of YAI including both the staff and the people we support. This statement is a living document and will shift over time as YAI meets the needs of the community we serve.

YAI’s Definitions of Important Terms


Diversity refers to a wide range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, language, socioeconomic status, disability, and other personal characteristics. YAI believes every individual is unique and brings their own perspectives, experiences, and talents to a group or organization.
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Equity refers to fairness and justice in providing equal opportunities, access, and resources to individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or other personal characteristics. YAI believes that everyone should have a fair chance to succeed, and systemic barriers should be removed. Equity acknowledges and addresses the historical and systemic inequalities that have created disparities and inequities in society.
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Inclusion refers to the practice of creating an environment in which all individuals are valued, respected, and supported, regardless of their identity or background. YAI believes that inclusion involves actively working to create a culture that embraces diversity and welcomes different perspectives, ideas, and experiences.
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