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Painting of Frida Kahlo completed by a member of WOW

Without Walls (WOW) is an art program that provides opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York City to channel their creativity and become working artists.

With the support of artist mentors, WOW artists create work based on their unique interests. WOW artists enhance their skills, develop their careers, and experience New York's art scene.

Training for Caregivers

Group training for parents/caregivers of people with developmental disabilities. Focusing on teaching specific behavior techniques to promote positive family interactions and improve communication.

International Consultancy Image of globe with pictures of people that YAI supports

Providing assistance to organizations and governments around the world in the support of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)

YAI Seeing beyond disability. CSIDD

Crisis Prevention and Response

Providing crisis prevention and response for people (ages 6 and above) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs.

 Icon image of money on a green background

Funds can be provided to families for services and goods that are not reimbursed through existing programs or funding streams.

image of a yellow exclamation point on a red circle background

A team of behavioral intervention specialists and social workers provides information and referral, advocacy, short-term crisis counseling and/or in-home behavioral interventions for families in crisis.

Independent Living Skills Program Logo with blue clouds and birds

YAI's Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) is a 24 week course which provides the opportunity for adults, 18 years of age and older, to learn and develop in a group setting. Sessions focus on judgment, decision making, risk-taking, recognizing strengths, problem-solving, self-esteem, and self-advocacy. 

Navigating the System for People with Developmental Disabilities

Free workshops focusing on helping people learn about eligibility to the DD service system, new procedures, and what services can be available. Online registration available.

graphic of a tooth and stethascope

Desensitization uses a team approach using a doctor or dentist, occupational therapist, and behaviorist to help people overcome fears related to dental or medical procedures. Participants will learn techniques to increase comfort level and cooperation during a dental or doctor visit. Parent information sessions are also offered.

beehive with text "DayHab Without Walls - In the community since 2008"
Day Hab Without Walls offers individualized and group activities designed to teach life and community safety skills, build relationships, promote independence, provides volunteer opportunities, and vocational skill building. The focus is on each person's strengths while participating in the larger community. 21+

children playing

A wide variety of Saturday recreation activities for children and teens, ages 6-18.

Photograph of person bowling with text "Manhattan Holiday Respite"

A school break recreation program for children aged 6-18 years old who reside in Manhattan. Providing community activities and socialization opportunities in a 3:1 staffing ratio.

Image of a bed

Overnight respite is offered for up to 2 weeks at a time in a wheelchair accessible facility in LeFrak City, Queens; for Brooklyn and Queens residents, ages 12 and up. This program is located in an area with access to numerous recreational opportunities.

Photograph of person bowling with text "Bronx Holiday Respite"

A school break recreation program for children aged 6-18 years old. Providing community activities and socialization opportunities in a 3:1 staffing ratio.

Parents holding hand with child next to PWSN logo

In-home and community-based training program designed to empower mothers and fathers, who have a developmental disability, that need support in improving the parent-child relationship.

Manhattan Recreation Services

This club provides ongoing support to relatively independent adults, ages 16 and up, through recreational/cultural activities and discussion groups for increased self-awareness.

schoolhouse with children in the schoolyard

Afterschool programs provide educational and recreational activities for students. 

bricks building wall

Social Skills Building Network is a prevocational program that runs year-round groups for adults 18 and over (with or without diagnoses) that teaches and improves micro and macro skills in areas that are vital to success in the workplace, college, or everyday interactions. Offered in Wayne and Parsippany.

Recreation activities in bubbles

The program Broader Horizons is a community-based recreational program for adults primarily with autism spectrum disorders. 

Round puzzle 4 pieces containing icons of a hand, MTA, building and people icons

This program prepares participants for competitive employment through pre-vocational and day habilitation internships and volunteer opportunities at various sites throughout the community. Job coaches provide participants with on-site support to ensure success.

recreation, activities

This program offers recreational activities for people, ages 16 and up. Activities include arts and crafts, drama groups, trips, ball games, and other community events. Limited transportation available.