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You can also review our Eligibility FAQ or take our short Eligibility Survey to find out if you are likely eligible for YAI services funded through the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Please feel free to call us at 212.273.6182 if you need further help understanding how to access supports and services.

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In order for an adult to engage in sexual activity with another adult, legally each person must be able to provide informed consent. Being able to provide informed consent is normally automatic based upon attaining a legal age as mandated in each state. However, if a person has an intellectual/developmental disability, the courts will defer to professionals in our field to make that determination. Sexual consent determinations can only be done with people who are the age of legal consent or older (in New York State the legal age is 17).

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These services are provided by a registered dietitian (certified nutritionist) under the supervision of a physician. Before any nutrition service is scheduled, a Nutrition Service Referral Form must be completed by the patient’s primary care provider, this allows for patients to receive a comprehensive initial evaluation reviewing medical, surgical, and weight history along with relevant blood work to assess their specific nutritional needs. The nutritionist will work with patients and family on an ongoing basis to provide counseling and nutrition education.

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Occupational therapy (OT) is effective in treating a patient’s sensorimotor, oral-motor, perceptual, neuromusculoskeletal functioning, cognitive and psychosocial components to improve functional performance and/or prevent regression. OT helps patients in areas of performance including basic and instrumental activities of daily living, health management, work and productive activities, community reintegration, and physical leisure participation for improvement of health. 

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Physical therapy (PT) is effective in treating patients' muscle strength, coordination, range of motion, endurance, balance, gait, pain, and muscle tone to improve functional performance and/or prevent regression. PT helps patients' areas of performance including safety during ambulation, transfers, positioning, orthotic and prosthetic training and fitting, and wheelchair management. ​

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YAI’s psychological testing unit conducts Guardianship Determination Assessments for parents seeking to obtain legal guardianship of their sons or daughters once they turn age 18. As part of the assessment, a YAI licensed psychologist completes the Surrogate Court of New York 17-A Affidavit of Examining Psychologist to indicate whether guardianship is warranted.

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YAI's psychological testing unit provides diagnostic evaluations to assist in determining the presence or absence of a developmental disability according to guidelines of the State of New York through the use of well-substantiated measures. Recommendations are made based on direct observation and interaction, interviews, and available records.

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YAI's psychosocial evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a person's history from birth until the present time. The assessment information is gathered from the parent/guardian and previous evaluations. The psychosocial details areas such as family composition, history of disability (if there is one), educational, social, medical and mental health histories, and activities of daily living. The goal of the evaluation is to provide the family/guardian/residence with supportive resources that could aid in the person's growth and achievement of goals.

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Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental and emotional disorders through the use of psychological techniques designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the goal being relief of symptoms, changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth. Individual, collateral, family and group therapy are offered. 

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Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) is a clinical service that offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. The therapist determines the speech, language, cognitive communication and feeding/swallowing needs of patients along with the best ways to treat them.

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Diagnostic evaluations to determine the presence or absence of autism spectrum disorders through YAI's Autism Center and the Center for Specialty Therapy. The Autism Center also provides private pay neuropsychological evaluations to determine a person's levels of functioning in a variety of areas.