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Painting of Frida Kahlo completed by a member of WOW

Without Walls (WOW) is an art program that provides opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York City to channel their creativity and become working artists.

With the support of artist mentors, WOW artists create work based on their unique interests. WOW artists enhance their skills, develop their careers, and experience New York's art scene.

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Trained specialists provide individualized skills training in the home and the community. Focus is on a person's strengths and critical skills for development, including building skills and independence in the areas of self care, social skills development, money management, life safety, household tasks, enjoying the community, and job success.

YAI Seeing beyond disability. CSIDD

Crisis Prevention and Response

Providing crisis prevention and response for people (ages 6 and above) with intellectual/developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs.

Logo for employment service with 8 circles with work-related icons around a person icon

Employment services provide job-skills training, resume development, interview preparation, application assistance, intensive job-coaching, and follow-along support.

 Icon image of money on a green background

Funds can be provided to families for services and goods that are not reimbursed through existing programs or funding streams.

image of a yellow exclamation point on a red circle background

A team of behavioral intervention specialists and social workers provides information and referral, advocacy, short-term crisis counseling and/or in-home behavioral interventions for families in crisis.

Independent Living Skills Program Logo with blue clouds and birds

YAI's Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) is a 24 week course which provides the opportunity for adults, 18 years of age and older, to learn and develop in a group setting. Sessions focus on judgment, decision making, risk-taking, recognizing strengths, problem-solving, self-esteem, and self-advocacy. 

Navigating the System for People with Developmental Disabilities

Free workshops focusing on helping people learn about eligibility to the DD service system, new procedures, and what services can be available. Online registration available.

Photograph of person bowling with text "Manhattan Holiday Respite"

A school break recreation program for children aged 6-18 years old.* Providing community activities and socialization opportunities in a 3:1 staffing ratio.

Parents holding hand with child next to PWSN logo

In-home and community-based training program designed to empower mothers and fathers, who have a developmental disability, that need support in improving the parent-child relationship.

Manhattan Recreation Services

This club provides ongoing support to relatively independent adults, ages 16 and up, through recreational/cultural activities and discussion groups for increased self-awareness. Activities include arts and crafts, drama groups, trips, ball games, and other community events. 

Image with recreation items

A socialization/recreation program designed to assist adults in achieving greater independence. Key components for our members include engaging in recreational activities, making friends, practicing and learning practical living skills. Members can participate 1-3 times per week based on need and availability.


Hankering For More's primary goal is to help its adult members spark social connections with peers that allow them to create and maintain their own social network without staff support and outside of formal HFM events.

picture of a suitcase

Leisure Trax offers adults with developmental and learning disabilities vacation and travel opportunities, including weekend trips and extended vacations with domestic and international destinations. Free travel (some trips) offered to eligible people who reside in the Bronx. Also can potentially offer as a waiver respite to people 18+ residing in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn at home with their families.


In partnership with the Frost Valley YMCA sleepaway camp, YAI/NIPD offers an award-winning inclusive camping experience in the Catskills to children and teens with developmental and learning disabilities, ages 8 and up.


Based in NYC, participants can be from any of the 5 boroughs. On Tuesday evenings we open our studio to people with autism and other developmental or intellectual disabilities looking to advance their creative voice and expand their creative community. We offer mentorship from working artists and opportunities to submit work for exhibition. Artists must provide documentation of developmental or intellectual disability.

employment logo with icons representing work tasks

The Community Based Pre-vocational Program provides support in the development of work skills through training, volunteer opportunities, and internships in non profit & for profit environments. The objective is to move towards obtaining and retaining employment.

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In order for an adult to engage in sexual activity with another adult, legally each person must be able to provide informed consent. Being able to provide informed consent is normally automatic based upon attaining a legal age as mandated in each state. However, if a person has an intellectual/developmental disability, the courts will defer to professionals in our field to make that determination. Sexual consent determinations can only be done with people who are the age of legal consent or older (in New York State the legal age is 17).

Round puzzle 4 pieces containing icons of a hand, MTA, building and people icons

The emphasis of day habilitation is participation in the larger community. Most activities occur outside of the day habilitation walls. By participating as volunteers at various organizations, participants have daily opportunities to develop skills, including safe travel using public transportation and community integration.

bed made up for sleeping

Overnight respite provides 24-hour supervision from Friday afternoon until Monday morning for people, ages 5 and up. Services are also available for certain week long stays and school vacations. Nutritious meals and recreational activities are provided on site and in the community.

iHOPE logo with 5 photos of students and staff

The International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) is a highly specialized brain injury school in New York City. It meets a significant and unmet need in the NYC community, while also serving as a world-class model of best practices and high tech solutions in the delivery of educational brain injury services.

child holding an inflatable guitar, other children stand around him, all wearing green MSA shirts

The Manhattan Star Academy’s mission is to provide high-quality services to your children and their families in a comprehensive, developmentally based program which focuses on the whole child.