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Training for Caregivers

Project GROW provides workshops on a variety of topics to support caregivers of persons with I/DD of all ages. to provide information and support to Group training for parents/caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. Sessions are aimed to educate caregivers on a variety of topics including managing behaviors at home and in the community, preparing for the future, establishing social independence, creating a structured home environment, and plan for life changes. 

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Free workshops focusing on helping people learn about eligibility to the DD service system, new procedures, and what services can be available. Online registration available.

Manhattan Recreation Services

This club provides ongoing support to relatively independent adults, ages 16 and up, through recreational/cultural activities and discussion groups for increased self-awareness. Activities include arts and crafts, drama groups, trips, ball games, and other community events. 


Hankering For More's primary goal is to help its adult members spark social connections with peers that allow them to create and maintain their own social network without staff support and outside of formal HFM events.

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Leisure Trax offers adults with developmental and learning disabilities vacation and travel opportunities, including weekend trips and extended vacations with domestic and international destinations. Free travel (some trips) offered to eligible people who reside in the Bronx.


In partnership with the Frost Valley YMCA sleepaway camp, YAI/NIPD offers an award-winning inclusive camping experience in the Catskills to children and teens with developmental and learning disabilities, ages 8 and up.

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In order for an adult to engage in sexual activity with another adult, legally each person must be able to provide informed consent. Being able to provide informed consent is normally automatic based upon attaining a legal age as mandated in each state. However, if a person has an intellectual/developmental disability, the courts will defer to professionals in our field to make that determination. Sexual consent determinations can only be done with people who are the age of legal consent or older (in New York State the legal age is 17).


Based in NYC, participants can be from any of the 5 boroughs. On Tuesday evenings we open our studio to people with autism and other developmental or intellectual disabilities looking to advance their creative voice and expand their creative community. We offer mentorship from working artists and opportunities to submit work for exhibition. Artists must provide documentation of developmental or intellectual disability.

Painting of Frida Kahlo completed by a member of WOW

WOW is an innovative arts program that provides opportunities for adults aged 18 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities to advance their creative voice and become working artists.

Program currently runs Monday to Thursday 10 AM - 3 PM

Travel Training - with simplified graphic of NYC subway

The YAI Network has been awarded a grant from the Department of Transportation to provide a comprehensive Travel Training program to agencies across New York City.  This program has four components: