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A short-term training program that provides support to families dealing with challenging behaviors. Training is geared toward supporting caregivers in the home.

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Audiology focuses on comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative services for all areas of hearing impairments.

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A program for adults that creates social and skill building opportunities. Regular community-based activities include sporting events, dinner theatre, restaurant outings. 

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Trained community habilitiation support staff provide individualized skills training in the home and the community. Focus is on a person's strengths, their goals, and critical skills for development. This includes building skills and independence in the areas of self care, social skills, money management, life safety, household tasks, accessing resources in, and enjoying the community. Available in Rockland and Weschester Counties

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Community Hab-R offers people who currently live in supervised or supportive IRAs (Individualized Residential Alternatives), in Rockland County, an opportunity to work with a trained specialist to enhance community integration. The focus is on a person's strengths and developing critical skills in the areas of community safety, travel training, social and vocational skills, money management, and accessing resources in and enjoying life in the community. For people 18 and older.

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Dentistry focuses on oral care. Premier Healthcare specializes in providing routine dental services. Desensitization is available to patients who may be hesitant during dental visits.

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Funding for eligible families to help pay for respite services in an emergency situation. 

Covered emergencies can include:

  • Medical hospitalization
  • Attending a funeral
  • Family member sickness 
  • Assistance with challenging behaviors
  • Other emergencies (please call)

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Extend-A-Family offers overnight respite. This service is available for week-long stays, school vacations, and in emergency situations. Room, board, and 24-hour supervision for the family member are provided by trained respite hosts in their homes. Nutritious meals and recreational activities are provided at the respite location, as well as, in the community.

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This service provides families with a break from their daily responsibilities. Trained staff provide scheduled care for family members. This service gives someone new opportunities to develop greater independence.

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In-home respite provides families with a break from their daily routine. Trained staff provides scheduled care for a family member with a disability. This service gives the person new opportunities to develop greater independence. 

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In-home respite provides families with a break from their daily routine. Trained staff provides scheduled care for a family member with a disability. This service gives the person new opportunities to develop greater independence.

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NIPD/NJ provides information and referral services for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD), parents, professionals, and caregivers looking to access services in New Jersey. Call 201.750.0509  

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Medical social work helps patients resolve social and psychosocial issues related to illness and disability. Assistance offered includes short term case management, crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy.

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Neurology focuses on the treatment of diseases affecting the nervous and neuromuscular systems, including the brain and spinal cord.

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Trained specialists provide individualized skills training in the home and the community. YAI's Skills Training program for people with autism emphasizes building on existing strengths and setting and achieving specific goals. The program also focuses on flexibility and choice. Program attendees collaborate one-to-one with Direct Support Professionals to work toward their personal objectives. This program is for those who don’t have Medicaid or have Medicaid but not the Medicaid Waiver.

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These services are provided by a registered dietitian (certified nutritionist) under the supervision of a physician. Before any nutrition service is scheduled, a Nutrition Service Referral Form must be completed by the patient’s primary care provider, this allows for patients to receive a comprehensive initial evaluation reviewing medical, surgical, and weight history along with relevant blood work to assess their specific nutritional needs. The nutritionist will work with patients and family on an ongoing basis to provide counseling and nutrition education.

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Occupational therapy (OT) is effective in treating a patient’s sensorimotor, oral-motor, perceptual, neuromusculoskeletal functioning, cognitive and psychosocial components to improve functional performance and/or prevent regression. OT helps patients in areas of performance including basic and instrumental activities of daily living, health management, work and productive activities, community reintegration, and physical leisure participation for improvement of health. 

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Ophthalmologists focus on disorders of the eye. An ophthalmologist can prescribe glasses when necessary.

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Physical therapy (PT) is effective in treating patients' muscle strength, coordination, range of motion, endurance, balance, gait, pain, and muscle tone to improve functional performance and/or prevent regression. PT helps patients' areas of performance including safety during ambulation, transfers, positioning, orthotic and prosthetic training and fitting, and wheelchair management. ​

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Podiatry focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.

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Primary care providers focus on Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Pediatrics.

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The Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic Services individuals with needs for braces, special shoes, and other orthotics needs for upper and lower extremities as well as trunk corsets.  A Physical Therapist and an Orthotist evaluate and treat and provide the device as per need.