GROW & Grown-Up Interest Form

People interested in our parent training groups through Project GROW (for Bronx residents) and our Grown-Up groups (for Manhattan and Queens residents) can feel free to call us at 212.273.6182 to speak directly to an Information Specialist. If you prefer, you may complete the form to provide us with some additional information and someone will be in touch to help you determine if the eligibility criteria will be met.

These programs are for caregivers of a person with I/DD, funding will come through this person's eligibility.
Attendees will need to have OPWDD eligibility, if you do not have eligibility we can help you get started.

The GROW and Grown-Up programs are funded for people who are the caregiver for a person with a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability residing at home either in the Bronx (GROW) or Queens/Manhattan (Grow-Up). It appears you have not met one or more criteria and, therefore, cannot be considered for these groups at this time. If you feel you received this message in error, please either complete the form again, or reach out to us at 212.273.6182.