DSP Recognition Week 2018 Highlight: Anette Watt’s Story

Wed, September 12, 2018

Anette WattAnette Watt started at YAI in February 2004 at the Wagner residence as a full time overnight asleep counselor. In her 13-plus years she has never called out sick, never missed a shift for any reason, and only takes one week of vacation every year. She makes it in the snow, sleet, rain, and even hurricanes. Not only does she never miss a shift, she is never late.  

Not only does Anette work full time overnight, she is also Wagner’s “go to” person whenever they are short staffed. She works AM, PM, and weekend shifts to ensure the residence is fully covered and that the people she supports are well taken care of.  

Aside from her reliability, Anette is a fantastic counselor. She lets everyone she supports know that they matter. All Wagner residents know that Anette genuinely cares about them. Anette treats everyone with dignity and respect, although she also loves to have fun at work. Her positive and enthusiastic personality is contagious to the people she supports. She enjoys going out to eat, to the movies, shopping, and going on vacations with the Wagner residents. She is always very thankful and appreciative of every moment she has with the people that live at Wagner -- she is family to them.   

Anette is more than willing to do anything for YAI and for the people she supports. Anette even likes to go to trainings. When her supervisor informed her she had two all-day trainings coming up, Anette’s response was, “Great, I love trainings.” Who says that?!  

Anette is known as a pleasure to work with. Senior Residential Coordinator Lisa Cornall says, “In my career of 29 years I have never worked with a more dedicated, devoted, kind, and caring person. She does whatever is necessary for the health, happiness, and well-being of the people we support.” Amazing work, Anette!