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Photography group at Tarrytown sit in a room where Josh Adler is presenting
Filmmaker Josh Adler discusses "The Rock" with the Tarrytown photography club.

Many members of Tarrytown Day Hab’s photography club already know Josh Adler. He is the director of the upcoming film How We Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, a documentary that focuses on people at the day hab filming their own zombie movie.  

On Friday, March 1, Adler visited the photography club to host a filmmaking workshop. The session included a screening of “The Rock,” followed by an analysis of different scenes in the movie, and an analysis of why they were shot in certain styles. In addition to discussing “The Rock,” club members tried out a professional camcorder and asked questions. 

The workshop was one of many initiatives for the club. The group is also preparing for a photography exhibition at a local coffee shop in May.  

“Next week the whole photography club is going to see the American Artists’ Hand Archive at the David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center,” said Ken Reedy, Supervisor of Curriculum and Workforce Development at Tarrytown. “Right now, they’re taking black and white photos of hands doing different tasks. That’s what we’ll use for our exhibition.” 

For Reedy, the club is an excellent way for participants to build self-esteem and learn new skills. 

“The photography club gives people with disabilities the opportunity to show everyone how they see the world,” said Reedy. “The group always rises to the occasion.”