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YAI Gift Acceptance Policy

YAI, as a nonprofit organization, encourages giving in support of its mission and the community it serves. YAI accepts donations from a variety of sources, organizations, and individuals. These donations make it possible for YAI to operate programs that help children and adults with disabilities to thrive.

YAI welcomes donations to support general charitable purposes as well as donations reserved for a specific purpose or a donor restriction. A minimum of 12.5 percent of each gift, whether restricted or unrestricted, made directly to YAI or through a YAI event or campaign, is allocated to efforts that enrich agency-wide programming. YAI encourages prospective donors to seek the assistance of personal legal and financial advisors in matters relating to their gifts/donations, including the resulting tax and estate planning consequences.

The above is not intended to be used, nor should it be substituted for, legal advice and tax advisor advice related to charitable giving.

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