The Relationship Series (3 DVDs)

The Relationship Series (3 DVDs) - 3 dvd cover images
Social Skills & Sexuality
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DVD #1 The Friendship DVD and CD-ROM Workbook

Part #1: The Difference Between Strangers, Acquaintances, and Friends 

People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) may have difficulty differentiating between strangers, acquaintances or friends. This can cause frustration and might even lead to potentially dangerous situations. This DVD and CD-ROM workbook is designed to teach:

  • How to differentiate between strangers, acquaintances, and friends
  • The 5 most important qualities of a friend
  • The Do's and Don'ts when dealing with a stranger, an acquaintance, or a friend

Part #2: Becoming Acquaintances or Friends 

This segment will enable people with I/DD to better understand how to become an acquaintance or a friend while providing specific tips/techniques/skills. These people often have difficulty in meeting people and in defining their new relationships. This DVD carefully differentiates between an acquaintance and a friend. It also models how a relationship can move from being acquaintances to being friends.

Part #3: Being a Friend 

People with I/DD often experience conflict in relationships as well as in sustaining friendships. This segment will ask the viewers, through interactive exercises, to make sometimes difficult decisions regarding the relationships being viewed. Viewers will learn how to sustain their friendships, how to resolve problems, and, if necessary, how to terminate a friendship.

DVD #2 The Boyfriend/Girlfriend DVD and CD-ROM Workbook

Part #1: Starting a Special Relationship 

This segment begins by exploring the differences between a friend and a boyfriend or girlfriend. The participants will also learn how to initiate. build and maintain a special boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. Featured topics are:

  • What we look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • How to meet a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Safe and unsafe places to meet someone
  • Deciding whether or not to continue a relationship

 Part #2: Building a Relationship I Like 

  • In this segment,  the viewers will learn how to build a good relationship with their partner. Key points covered are the significance of each person deciding what is important to himself/herself in a relationship and how to communicate with their partner. Featured topics include:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Four ways to say no in social/sexual situations
  • Using a 3-step method to resolve conflict

Part #3: Having a Good Relationship 

After starting a special relationship and developing it into a good one through communication with one's partner, the next step is to maintain the relationship. This segment describes how this can be accomplished. The training package of video tape and manual highlights five ways to help maintain a good relationship.

DVD #3 The Sexuality DVD and CD-ROM Workbook

Part #1: Enjoying Your Sexual Life 

This segment follows a couple, Mike and Allison, who have been dating for a year and are now having a sexual relationship. By watching the development of Mike and Allison's relationship, participants will learn what they can do to have a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship. Topics covered include:

  • Preparing for a date
  • Privacy
  • Ways of being sexual without having intercourse
  • Discussing and negotiating what sexual acts you do and don't want to do with your partner
  • How to communicate with your partner about difficult sexual issues
  • Having children and birth control 

Part #2: Working Out Problems in Your Sexual Relationship 

This segment explores sexual issues and problems that may come up in a relationship. Participants will have an opportunity to observe couples dealing with topics such as:

  • What to do when one person wants to have sex and the other doesn't
  • How to tell your partner about a sexual problem (i.e. not feeling sexually satisfied)
  • Alternate ways to be sexual if you dont have birth control available

Part #3: Sexual Acts that are Against the Law 

This segment will help participants recognize which sexual acts are acceptable and which are not so that they can avoid acts which are illegal and enjoy healthy sexual relationships. Scenes used are specifically designed to demonstrate:

  • Where you should or should not have sex (i.e. public vs private)
  • Sexual acts that are against the law (i.e. public exposure)
  • Sexual harassment

What to do if someone tries to have sex with you against your will (i.e. the NO, GO, TELL rule)