The Relationship Series: Boyfriend/Girlfriend

cover of the The Relationship Series: Boyfriend/Girlfriend DVD
Social Skills & Sexuality
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Part #1: Starting a Special Relationship 

This segment begins by exploring the differences between a friend and a boyfriend or girlfriend. The participants will also learn how to initiate. build and maintain a special boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. Featured topics are:

  • What we look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • How to meet a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Safe and unsafe places to meet someone
  • Deciding whether or not to continue a relationship

Part #2: Building a Relationship I Like 

In this segment,  the viewers will learn how to build a good relationship with their partner. Key points covered are the significance of each person deciding what is important to himself/herself in a relationship and how to communicate with their partner. Featured topics include:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Four ways to say no in social/sexual situations
  • Using a 3-step method to resolve conflict

Part #3: Having a Good Relationship 

After starting a special relationship and developing it into a good one through communication with one's partner, the next step is to maintain the relationship. This segment describes how this can be accomplished. The DVD and CD-ROM workbook highlights five ways to help maintain a good relationship.