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  • Family Support

CA START (Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, & Treatment)


Crisis Prevention and Response

Providing crisis prevention and response for people (ages 6 and above) with intellectual/developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs in specific California counties.

Services Include:

  • Crisis mitigation techniques
  • Therapeutic coaching—in-home support
  • Crisis response
  • Clinical consultation
  • Education and training
  • Psychoeducation

CA START (California Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, & Treatment) is a proactive approach for people who are at-risk and those who provide them support. It creates a support network able to respond to crisis needs at the community level by providing community-based person-center supports that enable a person to remain in their home or community residence.

You must be referred by the Regional Center to enroll in this service.

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