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Employment Services


Few things generate a sense of independence and social integration like paid work. YAI helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) thrive in an increasingly competitive job market. People in YAI’s supported employment program remain on the job for an average close to 8 years, filling roles in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and office services. With skills-building that ranges from volunteer activities to pre-vocational training to on-the-job coaching, Supported Employment helps build careers. YAI’s employment program also conducts trainings that encourage employers to hire job seekers with I/DD.


  • Paid employment opportunities in integrated, community-based settings 
  • Placement across a range of occupations and work environments 
  • Working relationships with both the public and private sectors of employment 
  • Individualized job coaching 
  • Long-term follow-up to ensure job retention

Please note that all requests for Supportive Employment services must go through ACCES-VR and you must have OPWDD eligibility. If you have questions about OPWDD, call 212.273.6182 or submit our Getting Started form.


  • Counseling and education about the world of work 
  • Exposure to a variety of jobs through volunteering and internships 
  • Personalized assessment of vocational skills, interests, and support needs 
  • Counseling on socialization and positive work behaviors 
  • Instruction on self-help skills, emergency response, and safety in the community
  • Person-centered development of realistic vocational goals

Employment services are provided in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and Hudson Valley. Availability and type of employment options vary by county. Applicants must have OPWDD eligibility.

Interested in applying for pre-vocational services or learning more about OPWDD? 
Call 212.273.6182 or submit our Getting Started form.

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