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Non-Medicaid Skills Training


Trained specialists provide individualized skills training in the home and the community. YAI's Skills Training program for people with autism emphasizes building on existing strengths and setting and achieving specific goals. The program also focuses on flexibility and choice. Program attendees collaborate one-to-one with Direct Support Professionals to work toward their personal objectives. This program is for those who don’t have Medicaid or have Medicaid but not the Medicaid Waiver.

Examples of training areas include:

  • How to make friends and socialize
  • How to let people know your thoughts and needs
  • How to manage money, make change, and pay bills
  • How to travel on public transportation
  • How to be safe in the community
  • How to speak up for yourself
  • How to pursue personal interests or hobbies
  • How to respond to change

Applicants must have an autism diagnosis, OPWDD eligibility, and reside at home with their family in Queens to enroll in this service.

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