You And I: Social and Networking Skills

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This group offers adults the opportunity to learn social and dating skills in a structured setting. Monthly events are open to people who are 18 and older living at home with their family in Manhattan and are eligible for OPWDD services.

YAI’s You And I program meets for three hours on the first Friday of each month in Manhattan. Groups, known as “Getting To Know You” socials, provide a safe and supportive environment for socialization, making new friends, and exploring the potential for dating and relationships.

At each social, you will be able to attend classes designed to help you develop some new social skills, and fine tune some old ones. After attending these classes, everyone will get a chance to practice, as they talk, laugh, and dance the night away with other You And I members. We are committed to providing you with a number of fun ways to meet new people in a safe and supportive environment while helping you learn some new ways to experience and enjoy your life. The rest is up to you.

OPWDD eligibility and residing at home with family are required to enroll in this service.


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For more information about applying for You And I: Social and Networking Skills, please call YAI LINK at 212.273.6182