Sexually Speaking

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Social Skills & Sexuality
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People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) have a history of being seen as asexual. Separated from society at large, they have been denied access to life experiences afforded to the typically-abled population, the most glaring of which is access to an intimate partner. Like most adults, many people with I/DD have a desire to engage in sexual activity with another person. The penal laws in many states dictate that this sexual interaction should only occur if both parties are consenting. This training package will help the viewer understand what it means to be sexually consenting. It will also help the viewer to understand the questions which may be asked of them in order to help an agency identify what someone knows about sex and about agreeing to or not agreeing to have sex.This package includes a DVD and CD-ROM workbook.

With the exception of scenes which involve abuse of another person, this DVD is exclusively acted by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

Explicit material: The DVD and CD-ROM contain sexually explicit language, photos, and drawings. Viewer discretion is advised.